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The CSMS is pleased to announce the following awards:

Terry McMahon is the 2015 Lossing Award Recipient.

Heath Patterson, University of Montreal is the winner of the CSMS Student Travel Award to ASMS sponsored by Canadian Life Science. His paper was entitled "Phospholipid MALDI Imaging mass spectrometry stratification of colorectal cancer liver metastasis clinical biopsies". The Award was presented To Heath at ASMS by Annick Stolk of Canadian Life Science.

Dennis Orton, Dalhousie University is the winner of the CSMS Best Grad Thesis Award. His thesis was entitled "Towards Candidate Biomarker Discovery in Congenital Urinary Tract Obstruction". The Award will be presented to Dennis at the Lake Louise Tandem Mass Spectrometry Workshop Dec 2-5, 2015.

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