About Us

Our Mission
The Canadian Society for Mass Spectrometry promotes mass spectrometry in Canada.

Message from Our President

Welcome to the Canadian Society for Mass Spectrometry, whose goal is to promote mass spectrometry throughout Canada. We regularly offer student travel awards to major conferences, and recognize achievements in mass spectrometry through our awards program. We have recently hosted a successful International Mass Spectrometry conference in Toronto in 2016, which further showcased the great strength we have in mass spectrometry. From academia to government and the private sector, mass spectrometry has never been as vibrant a discipline in our country as it is today. So, come join us in our effort of stimulating interest and collaborations in the Canadian mass spectrometry community!

Lekha Sleno
President, Canadian Society for Mass Spectrometry
Associate Professor, Chemistry Department
Université du Québec à Montréal