Best Grad Thesis Involving Mass Spectrometry

1) Eligible to members of CSMS, Canadian citizens training abroad, or to anyone training in Canada

2) Candidates must be a member of the CSMS

3) The thesis must have been defended within 35 months of applying

4) Please send a maximum 500 word (2 page) summary of the thesis, emphasizing how the work connects to mass spectrometry and outlining the impact of the work. This should be written by you, the student. DO NOT send a copy of your thesis.

5) Please include a copy of any publications (and list of citations) that have come from the thesis in the application

6) Please include a cover letter from your supervisor of the thesis (or 2 if co-supervised), explaining why the applicant is deserving of the award

7) One application per supervisor per year

8) Applicants will be chosen based on the impact (proven or potential) of the thesis, within the mass spec community

The nomination deadline for the 2021 Best Grad Thesis Involving Mass Spectrometry is September 10th, 2021 (extended due to COVID-19).

Please send your nominations to CSMS Secretary Jeff Smith.

Previous CSMS Best Grad Thesis Award Recipients:

Mona Khamis (2020), Haidy Metwally (2019), Siavash Vahidi (2016), Dennis Orton (2015), Joshua Buse (2014)