Montreal Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group (MMSDG)

The Montreal mass spectrometry discussion group (MMSDG) is a not-for-profit organization that provides a forum to promote local, national and international interactions among scientists involved in mass spectrometry. MMSDG sponsors scientific seminars and forums to present the latest developments in basic and applied research in mass spectrometry. An annual MMSDG meeting that regroups students and postdoc is held every spring in Montreal, and provide a unique networking opportunity to participants and enhance the visibility and awareness of local contributions in mass spectrometry.
MMSDG was created in 1996 and regroups over 300 members. Information about the MMSDG can be found on its website at
MMSDG holds 9 meetings per year, and is coordinated by the following members:
Pierre Thibault, IRIC, Université de Montréal
Pierre Chaurand, Université de Montréal
Ann English, Concordia University
Lekha Sleno, UQAM
Lorne Taylor, MUHC