Passionate about science and the power of mass spectrometry to explore scientific questions? Does that passion soemtimes make you so enthusiastic that your friends and family roll their eyes?? Well, that is qualification number one to become the new Canadian Society for Mass Spectrometry Student Ambassador.

The job:

- To build a social media presence as a graduate student in mass spectrometry in Canada, and as the official student ambassador for CSMS

- To post... anything really... news, short educational or how-to videos, introductions to instrument videos, deep thoughts, experiences as a graduate student in mass spectrometry, reflections on papers, dispatches from conferences... oooh, instrument unboxing videos! To multiple social media platforms at least once per week (At minimum. The maximum would be determined by your boundless enthusiasm!)

The pay(off):

- $500 honorarium

- The warm, fuzzy feeling that you are building a community of graduate students facing the same trials / tributations and joys as you are!

- OR the feeling of absolute power that can only come from becoming the despotic leader of a community of graduate students facing all of your trials / tribulations / joys.

- A neat and very noticable line on your CV (providing the person reading your CV is a millenial or younger).

Want to Apply?:

- Send a brief cover letter, CV and (if possible) links to sciency things you may have posted, outreach you may have done etc. to the CSMS secretary by May 1st.

- The term is one year, renewable starting Sept 1st.