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The Canadian Society for Mass Spectrometry promotes mass spectrometry in Canada.

Message from Our President
If the Canadian Society for Mass Spectrometry rests on the shoulders of Canadian giants, then we have a disproportionately large platform. Canada is home to more than it’s fair share of mass spectrometry pioneers and greats. Fred Lossing was among the first explorers of gas phase ion chemistry, Paul Kebarle first bridged gas phase ion chemistry with biology and then explained better than anyone how this newfangled thing called ‘electrospray’ works, Ken Standing helped lay a foundation for the not so tiny field of mass spectrometry-based proteomics, Barry French and William Brukelman founded what is presently one of the biggest mass spectrometry companies on the planet out of UT, Ray March made critical contributions to ion trap technology (and then explained it better than anyone else), and on and on. Even Allan Marshall, reigning king of giant magnet mass spectrometry, did his foundational work on FT-ICR in Canada. With giants like those, it should come as no surprise that Canada still plays an outsized role in mass spectrometry-based research, translating our historical strengths in instrumentation and fundamentals to new and exciting discoveries from physical chemistry to structural biology. If you are a mass spectrometry-oriented researcher in Canada, CSMS is here to support your efforts. If you are not a mass spectrometry-oriented researcher in Canada, you should be. Because it’s pretty awesome.
Derek Wilson
Professor, York University, Department of Chemistry
Research Chair, Molecular Origins of Disease
Director, Technology Enhanced Biopharmaceuticals Development and Manufacturing Initiative
President, Canadian Society for Mass Spectrometry
Toronto, ON Canada
Email: dkwilson@yorku.ca
Phone: +1 647-667-5506